New York Starts New Year With Tragic Accident the Leaves 3 Seriously Injured

A speeding luxury car collided head-on with a Brooklyn bus in a crash on Jan. 7 that left three people in critical condition and 22 more injured, local media reported.


Bus Drivers in Work Stoppage After Colleague Arrested

A number of bus drivers refused to do their jobs on Christmas Eve to protest the arrest of a fellow driver for a fatal crash, the New York Post reported last week.


Woman Hurt by Central Park Cyclist Calling for Speed Limits, Cycle Ban

A New York runner who claims she was “mowed down” in Central Park by a bike-racing former ‘American Gladiator’ near where a pedestrian was killed by a speeding cyclist earlier late last year is calling on the city to introduce speed limits for cyclists, local media reported.


NYC Man Wrongfully Convicted Gets $4.75 Million Payout After Acquittal

A New York City man won a record $4.75 million settlement from New York State after serving 18 years in prison for a murder he did not do, local media reported.


Father attempts to put blame on daughter after fatal crash

A father in New York let his unlicensed 15-year-old drive his vehicle to go and buy him some food – then attempted to place blame on her when she cause a deadly crash, local media reported.


Serious NY Interstate Bus Crash Leaves 27 Injured

It may not be any travellers’ worst fear as thousands head home for the holidays, but it comes pretty close – and it’s a Christmas miracle that no one was killed.

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